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Rick Costello, The Web Site Profit Doctor™ helps guide higher-education curriculum and skills standards research

His thought leadership is available free of charge on his company's Web site.

Aurora, IL: August 1, 2002 -For the second year in a row, Rick Costello, The Web Site Profit Doctor™ was selected by The National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies (NWCET) to help validate The Information & Communication Technology Skill Standards.

Categorized as a Super Subject Matter Expert (SuperSME) in Digital Media and Web Development, Rick's insight will continue to help guide best-practice curriculum and the skill standards research.

"It's difficult," he says, "The business-technology disconnect is killing the Web profession. For example, some Web courses teach development tools and completely overlook the business and marketing side of the development process."

"The customer suffers," he adds, "because they're then stuck with a 'professionally' developed website without any business value."

Rick's contribution to the skill standards research, coupled with support from companies such as Cisco, Compaq, IBM, Intel, and Lucent Technologies, will be used to develop higher-education curriculum, provide industry-wide guidelines and ensure quality job performance in the Web marketplace.

In March of 2002, the National Skill Standards Board (NSSB) recognized the IT/Telecommunications Skill Standards Research Project as the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Voluntary Partnership.

CompTIA leads this partnership and other members include the National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies (NWCET), Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), Global Wireless Education Consortium, Northeast Center for Telecommunications Technology, and the National Association for Black Telecommunication Professionals.

About Rick Costello, The Web Site Profit Doctor™
Rick Costello, The Web Site Profit Doctor™ is a Principal Web Design and Internet Marketing Consultant whose primary focus is to help small and mid-sized companies extract the most business value from their Web site and measure ROI. Primary services include Web site evaluations, strategic planning and analysis, competitive intelligence, Web site effectiveness tracking and Web site enhancements. More company information can be found at www.WebSiteProfitDoctor.com.


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